Tag: Ghost Hunter


  • Raymond Savorski

    Raymond Savorski is a paranormal investigator. [[:alex-reagan | Alex]] describes him as a tall, thin man ("But a healthy, willowy thin"). He cares a lot about his appearance, and about his food. He has written five books and is considered ‘a pioneer in …

  • Dr. Emily Dumont

    Dr. Emily Dumont is the author of a bestselling book on the subject of location hauntings, and teaches religious studies at the University of Illinois in Urbana. [[:alex-reagan | Alex]] describes her as “stout, with short bangs and a Ramones t shirt. Her …

  • Dirk Abruzzi

    Dirk Abruzzi is an associate professor at Penn State Paranormal and host of the popular reality TV show Demon Hunters.